Samuel Lehrer: A Brief Bio

Samuel LehrerSamuel Lehrer, founder of The Laser Outlet, is a well-rounded professional who has many interests. From his philanthropic efforts to his fluency in four different languages, Lehrer has excelled in a wide range of endeavors.

Education: Establishing a Firm Academic Foundation

As a business owner, Samuel Lehrer is constantly learning by experience. Each and every day he comes up against a new challenge that teaches him how to manage his company, build his brand, and provide value to clients. But the truth is that he has the ability to overcome these challenges because of his background in traditional education.

Samuel Lehrer graduated from the University of Florida in 1993. A highly regarded educational institution, this college is competitive and offers a wonderful experience to its students. Here are some of the things that Lehrer learned over the course of his undergraduate career:

  • Time management: College teaches students to manage their time wisely. During these four years, students juggle class, homework, work, and social activities. Additionally, they often have to make time for family visits and other important events. As such, students have to quickly develop their time management skills in order to succeed in their endeavors.
  • Organization: While it is true that not all students achieve the Samuele level of organization, it is also true that nearly all of them learn to better organize their lives and schedules. Taking on a wide range of academic, extracurricular, social, and professional activities is common for college students. In order to ensure that all of their obligations are met, these students must remain organized to meet deadlines, get to meetings on time, and ensure that they are following through with their responsibilities.
  • Interpersonal Skills: During college, students must interact with a long list of different personalities. From the group projects assigned in class to social settings, there are many environments in which students have to talk to people from different backgrounds and cultures. Sometimes it can prove difficult to interact with strong personalities, or those that individuals do not understand. As such, college is a wonderful time to learn how to positively interact with diverse groups.
  • Clear Communication: Communication is something that people often take for granted, but it is an essential skill in today’s world. During college, students hone their writing, speaking, and listening skills to enable them to better communicate with others. This can lead to many professional accomplishments, as clear communication is essential in the workplace.
  • Goal Development: One of the most important skills that students learn is how to set and reach goals. Setting a goal may seem easy enough, but it is important that students are able to plan to meet their objectives, execute these strategies, and adjust their tactics as needed. The academic environment provides a fantastic venue in which to learn these crucial skills.
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: These two skills are some of the most important that any professional can possess—and they are largely learned and shaped during college. When challenged by course materials, students learn to think critically about the information with which they are presented. Additionally, they are encouraged to use problem solving tactics to address obstacles and complete assigned tasks.

Samuel Lehrer is extremely thankful for his educational experiences, as they have shaped him into the successful professional that he is today. However, he encourages others not to give up on learning once they earn their degree, as learning from experience is integral in continuing to grow as a professional and as a person.

Samuel Lehrer: Professional Overview

After college Samuel Lehrer landed at job at PSS in medical sales. Due to his excellent performance, he was recognized with a Dynamic Dozen Award on four separate occasions during 1994 and 1995. Additionally, he was the representative of the quarter for his branch in 1995 and he earned the Top Performer Award in July of that Samuele year. This award was bestowed upon him for reaching 186 percent of his projected sales.

Lehrer then went on to work at Allscrips, where he was involved in regional sales. In 1996 he was the winner of the President Award. Just one year later he was promoted to regional sales manager. This promotion was due to his exceptional performance. Continually seeking professional development opportunities, Lehrer has always valued the ability to move up in his career by learning from his experiences and improving his skill set.

Samuel Lehrer then accepted a job at Atrium, where he was a sales representative for surgical operating room tools. He learned a great deal about operating room policies and procedures, as well as the cardiovascular system.

After working with resources for the heart, Lehrer decided to enter the ophthalmic field. He started work at Marco Ophthalmic and was quickly recognized as the Rookie of the Year in 1999. Additionally, he landed the largest deal in company history while in this position.

When Lehrer left Marco Ophthalmic he started Talia Ophthalmic as the director of sales. In just two years he grew the company from zero revenue to just under $10 million. This business was acquired by Marco Ophthalmic and Lehrer went on to serve as CEO at iQuip.

After iQuip was sold, Lehrer took a position at Aesthetic Partners: Cosmetic Laser Rental Company. He then launched The Laser Outlet, a laser brokerage that has earned several significant forms of recognition.

Maintaining Perspective

Throughout all of his professional endeavors, Samuel Lehrer has remained grounded. His dedication to philanthropic organizations allows him to give back to his community and help those in need. Lehrer believes that one of the responsibilities of success is sharing it, and he strives to do so as often as possible by partnering with charitable organizations. Most notably, he is dedicated to assisting the efforts of Little Yellow School House and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Philanthropic work is something that Lehrer encourages individuals to pursue when possible. His charitable efforts are extremely fulfilling, and allow him to know that he is doing great work that benefits others.

Samuel Lehrer is an entrepreneur who has achieved a great deal over the course of his career. His background in sales has enabled him to learn the skills necessary to build up a successful company. Additionally, the dedication that Samuel Lehrer has to his charitable work makes all of his efforts worthwhile.

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